7 Quick Takes

I’m going to join up Jen at Conversion Diary….I’m finally getting a hang of this thing!

1.) For my first take, I want to ask you to pray.
Please pray for my cousin, Jay Rogers. At 13 he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma…a juvenile bone cancer. He has been battling for seven years, and has recently become septic. He has always been a fighter, and even with such a grim diagnosis he continues to fight!

2.) On Wednesday I was supposed to fill out my application for nursing school finally! I met with an advisor who informed me that I could not apply, and had been given false information from another advisor! This was so not my plan! Now I have to wait another semester to apply, and I have to take classes I was told I didn’t need….so in the midst of this frustration, I became a blubberingess….this emotional side of me is something I normally don’t let people see.

3.) God showed me some perspective this week: yes, my problem sucked…but at least mine has a solution. I can control my situation. Meanwhile, I have a cousin dying…..I felt like such a spoiled brat that day. MY plan may have fallen through…but maybe that was the problem. I was living according to MY plan and not GOD’S.  Jay has been fighting his battle for seven long years, and here I was, crying because of a stinkin’ class. I know that God has a plan….and that it may not coincide with mine, but that’s okay! Thanks God for the perspective….I needed it.

4.) It seems trivial now after 1 & 3…but I finished reading the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. What an awesome book! The book is written entirely in letters. There are no chapters just two parts. You will fall in love with the people of Guernsey…you will feel as if you are living the story with them! A good author tells you a story…but a GREAT one makes you feel a part od the story, and that is what Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer have done with this book.

5.) Today is a girls day! Mom, Grandma, my aunt, and I are going shopping, out to lunch, and just spending the day together. We don’t get to-do it often ans when we do it is such a special time together!

6.) The Tigers are going to the World Series! This doesn’t really need much explaining….but here’s a picture!

7.) I know I mentioned this in my first take…but please join me in being one of “Jay’s Warriors!” Check out the Jay’s Warriors Facebook page…you can show your support to him and his family. Please pray for comfort and peace for all of them. God has used his story to touch so many lives, myself included. He has such an amazing testimony about the way that God can work in any situation.

If you would like to share support for Jay here in the comments feel free! I will make sure to link them to the Facebook page!

Blessings to you all,



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