7 Quick Takes

I’m Joining up with Jen over at Conversion Diary for my very first 7 Quick Takes post.

1. To highlight or not to highlight?? My hair stylist is a good friend of mine, and she’s trying to talk me into highlights…..hmmmm.

2. Do you want to learn about the microbes and bacteria in your food?? No? Yeah, neither did I, but I have no choice. Microbiology is lots of fun, but when you hear it said that ignorance is bliss……in some cases it’s true.

Yeast, stained with Iodine, 1000x Magnification
I did the culture swab, and stain myself. 
3. I’m taking this really fun class this semester….I’m in ASL 101. American Sign Language, it is so much fun, I’m learning more and more everyday, and am almost to the point of being conversational! It has been so much fun to learn a new language, and all bout Deaf culture and society. I’m looking forward to continuing studying this. 
4. I’m really enjoying the fall weather we are finally getting here in Michigan…the leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and I can finally pull out my boots and sweaters. 
5. I’m doing tutoring now…I’m going to be an Anatomy and Physiology tutor for my cousin. I’m excited to get started on that!
6. I’m participating in the Feed My Starving Children project. 
We are packing meals to send to starving children and families around the world. The meals are pre-packaged soups, that you just add to boiling water. Each meal can feed a family of five, and we are packing 100,000 meals…so in the course of 6 hours, we will be making meals for 600,000 people! 
7. My Tigers clinched the American League Central, and are going to the Post-Season for the second year in a row. They will be playing the Oakland A’s and the last time they met in the Playoffs, the Tiger’s ended up in the World Series! Bless You Boys!
Well, that was my first 7 Quick Takes….maybe next week I’ll have some better material! 


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