How early is TOO early?

I know it’s not October yet, but today we started rehearsing for Christmas! The church choir and orchestra did a run-through today of this year’s Christmas musical…normally I will start digging out my Christmas CD’s, and getting the playlist ready on my iPod after this rehearsal……but it is still September, what’s a girl to do?

I’m doing two separate Christmas concerts, with many required rehearsals: One with orchestra, and one that I’m singing in, I figure after the first rehearsal for Messiah in late October I will pull it all out and start slowly making the transition!

Christmas in my favorite holiday season, and I normally try to make it last as long as possible by starting to listen to Christmas music pretty early.

You tell me, How early is TOO early?




One thought on “How early is TOO early?

  1. Dream Gently says:

    Well now, I prefer Christmas to flow AFTER Thanksgiving and not rush ahead. I'm not an economist – although I like the idea of spending money – but perhaps business (wanting our dollars) keeps pushing it earlier and earlier for fear of losing out to other businesses pushing their Christmas stock earlier and earlier. I thought I saw Christmas things like ornaments and trees on sale at or around All Hallows Eve – that's way to early for me!

    I liked Elf by the way. However rehearsing for Christmas musicals and drama – well you can never start too early can you?


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