Cross Stitch Canvas Painting

So, I have been seeing this pinned all over Pinterest lately, and figured that if you can paint it as a mural on the wall, why not scale it down, and put it on canvas. 
With that thought in mind, I grabbed a canvas and set to work. 
I started out by drawing a grid on my canvas with a pencil and a ruler. 
Then, using this existing cross stitch pattern that I dug out of my overflowing craft basket,

I started blocking it out on my grid, adding the dark lines that, if cross stitched, would be considered the back-stitching.

I changed up the color scheme from the original. 
The original is a sunflower, that uses three different shades of yellow. 
I mixed up three shades of pink, from dark to light, and followed the pattern. 

 Now it’s time for the back-stitching. Back-stitching when you cross stitch is meant to bring out the details in the stitch work. In the original painting because of the contrasting colors you can clearly see detail.

In mine, because the colors are SO similar I ended up doing the back-stitching.

 The almost-but-not-quite-finished product. I’m going to finish it by painting my aunt’s name on the bottom in cross stitch script. This will likely be her Christmas gift this year.

It still needs to be cleaned up a bit, I achieved what I set out to do!



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